Custom ordered crochet slouchy hat

I spent yesterday crocheting this hat. When things are crazy, the calming powers of crochet and knitting are a blessing.

That purple was the perfect color to spend time with.

I'm trying to think of a cool name for this design. Not sure if I want it to have shell somewhere in there. It makes everything sound like I'm trying too hard to be clever.

Lazy Sunday Hat?

Bad Hair Hat?

The No I Didn't Party All Night Hat?

The Friday Hat?

WWBD Hat? (What Would Buffy Do)

I'll think of something. Maybe Aftermath Hat. Since this is what I did to help me deal with some Election Aftermath. I kinda like that. Keep your eyes out for the pattern on Ravelry & in the Yarn Coven.

This hat was a custom order. I'll be shipping it off to it's new home soon. You can order your own custom made hat in the shop. Click Here