The Kickstarter yarn is here!

20160805_081927-01 It's soft. It's squiggly. It looks like packs of ramen noodles. It's utterly fantastic.

Now I need to turn my kitchen in yarn dyeing central and finish planning out the colorways and designing the patterns. I have a shit ton of work to do.

Plus I'll be going on an unplanned mini vacation for my 21st wedding anniversary. So that is going to take a small bite out of my dyeing time. Kickstarter rewards should still start shipping in September though.

I've also used part of the Kickstarter money to invest in some classes/workshops geared toward yarn/fiber businesses. They should help me learn to rock my little biz.

Next I'll be saving up for a DSLR camera. This will help with yarn pics and creating videos for you guys.

I can't tell you how fucking cool it is to be able to do this work.