Rooted: Custom Shadow Work Art

Rooted: Custom Shadow Work Art


Imagine being nourished by what is found deep down in the darkness of yourself. Rising from your roots, strong and whole.

That is what Shadow Work can do. It pulls together our fragmented parts, composts them and helps us grow.

Rooted taps into the healing energies of change that you are working with as you go through the process of Shadow Work. It anchors those energies into your physical space and acts as a talisman for change.

Rooted is intuitively created pieces of art specifically tuned to the energies of your Shadow Work.

I connect with Spirit and channel the energy that is right for you into the art. It becomes a talisman, an anchor, for that supportive energy.

Each piece of art is unique to the person & Shadow Work they are created for.

I work with encaustic medium ( a blend of beeswax & damar resin), oil paints, inks, words and whatever Spirit calls for to create this artwork. Artwork is created on 6x12 inch cradled wood board and is ready to be hung without framing.

After I receive your order, I will send you an email. The email will have a few questions for you to answer so that I can begin working on your art.

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