Frequency Attunements

Frequency Attunements


Sometimes things need to be shifted on a deep energetic level because your frequency has been jammed up for so long.

Frequency Activations work on the deep down unseen things. If you’ve been putting in the work and still not getting the traction you are looking for, this might before you.

I use my intuitive abilities to realign and activate energetic frequencies reaffirming your connection to your center, deep rooted-ness.

I do that by psychically reading your Aura, your energy field, making frequency attunements where needed and clearing energetic blocks. Throughout the process, I also receive Spirit Guide messages for you.

After I perform your attunement and activation I will send you an email detailing the information I received. What you do with this information is totally up to you.

Each of these sessions is a little different for each person.

These sessions are great for people who are:

Moving on to a new phase in life.

Ready to reclaim their power.

Cutting free from things that no longer serve them.

Unraveling old/false narratives about themselves.

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