The yarns are calling to me.

New yarn from Palouse Yarn Company and Noro.

New yarn from Palouse Yarn Company and Noro.

We’re halfway through August and I keep saying it’s September already.

I’m so ready for cooler weather, reduced risk of wildfires and a whole lotta knitting and crocheting.

During the warmer months, I spend most of my time creating art and thinking about knitting and crocheting. The art I make requires open windows and ventilation. Which isn’t happening once it gets cold. This frees up my time for more yarnie projects.

I haven’t dyed yarn in over a year now. (I miss it) I’ve decided to update my finished patterns with yarns people can actually go buy. This means finding yarn, knitting new samples and taking new pics. It will take some time to get them all done.

Yarn shopping has been a chore. It’s reminded me of all the reasons why I started dyeing my own yarn in the first place. I have a hard time finding colors that I love.

I did manage to find these yarn at a tiny local shop. I thought this shop had gone out of business years ago, but they just moved locations.

I plan on using the Palouse Yarn Company yarn to update my Charybdis Beanie pattern. The Noro, I bought because it was on sale and I’ve never worked with Noro yarn before. I got two different colorways and have already cast on a bias knit cowl. This will probably end up being a free pattern available here on the blog. If it all comes out well.

I did ask the shop owner if they carried local hand dyed yarns. She said she couldn’t find any. I told her about my yarns. She asked me to bring some in so she could check them out. How cool is that?

Good thing I have a few hanks left.