Winter self-care tips for hermits and house bound spirits.


This winter has been weird. It’s like the weather shifted a few months. Winter started later and is staying in to spring.

If you’re like me and have dry sensitive skin, you’re starting to look a little scaly and not feel great about yourself.

During long cold winters it’s important to step up our self-care a notch or two.

Never ending winter self-care:

Hydrate the inside. Then Hydrate some more. Drink more water than you think you need. Hot cups of steaming coffee or cocoa, while they can be acts of self-care, don’t count as hydration.

Hydrate the outside. Slather yourself in your favorite lotions or oils. I’m currently using a homemade mix of equal parts coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera gel.

Catch some rays. Let the sunshine on your skin as often as you can. Sunny days can be few and far between. It isn’t always easy to get some sunshine. Whenever the sun comes out, I go outside and let the sun beam down on my face for a minute or two. That is all it takes to soak in some winter rays. It helps me feel better and remember there are warmer days to come.

Get face to face with some people. I’m a total homebody. I basically only leave the house because I have to buy groceries. In the winter, sitting at home all the time can make me feel caged in. Even though I have to drag myself out of the house, meeting up with friends helps reduce my chances of getting cabin fever. Ok, I might be stretching the truth a little here. Going to the store is usually more people-ing than I can stand.

Take a cleansing bath or shower. Add salt to your bath or shower and scrub all the negative or heavy energies you’ve picked up over the dark months. Imagine all those bad vibes going right down the drain.

What’s your favorite winter self-care?


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