Tips on dealing with a haunted home

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Is my house haunted?

This is a question that I’ve been asked several times over the years. It usually comes after someone has been weirded out by their experiences and are feeling a little afraid of what might be going on.

With the way Hollywood and mainstream society deal with death and the possibilities of ghosts, it’s not surprising that people are freaked out. There is a lot of overdramatizing things for the purpose of entertainment. Society teaches us that death is something to avoid and be afraid of, that bad things are waiting for us when it’s our time to go.

Neither of these is really helpful when it comes to dealing with the possibility of ghosts and spirits.

Your house probably isn’t haunted. If it is, there is a slim chance that anything is there to harm you. I get that doesn’t always make things feel less scary.

Let’s change that.

Weird shit happening in your house doesn’t mean someone died there. Someone dying there doesn’t mean your house is haunted or ghosts are trying to harm you.

If you are experiencing weird things, check for mundane reasons first. Bad wiring. Leaking pipes. Mice. High EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). High EMFs have been shown to cause people to feel uncomfortable or like they are being watched.

If nothing mundane seems to be the cause, maybe it’s spirit or ghost-related. Maybe.

What is the simplest thing you can do if you think your house is haunted?

Take ownership of your space. I mean state out loud in a firm voice that it is your house, your room, your whatever. You might feel a little silly doing this. That’s ok. Remember to say it like you mean it.

If the same type of activities keep happening over and over, like the tv turning on and off. Say out loud, “You are not allowed to touch my tv.”

“Do not watch me from the doorway.”

“You are not allowed to touch me.”

“You can not pace the stairs while I’m trying to sleep.”

None of these things are designed to drive a spirit out. They set boundaries.

Residual energy type hauntings won’t be changed by this. They will require the house or the object they are attached to be cleansed. You can do this yourself or get someone to do it for you.

Cleansing unwanted energy from your home is generally a good thing. Especially if there have been any emotionally charged events in the house. Like family drama. Cleansing doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does need to be focused and intentional.

This can be as simple as physically cleaning your house while focusing on cleaning the unwanted energy away. Open the doors and windows and sweep the negative energy out. When you are done, visualize loving energy filling your home.

Most of the time this is all that is needed. Sometimes there may be a little more work to be done. If the above suggestions aren’t working for your situation (everyone is different) consider getting some extra help. There are energy workers that can come to your home or do distance energy workings. You can also talk to someone who works with spirits and ghosts, like a medium or a paranormal investigator.

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