A tiny step closer to photo encaustic bliss.


The test prints for doing Photo Encaustic have arrived!

I’m waiting for the cradled wood board to arrive and then I can make some art.

Most of these pictures are from our trip to the Oregon Coast. I can’t wait to put hot wax on them.

With each new supply and testings out of different techniques, I get closer and closer to the artwork that I want to be creating. It’s amazing to think about creating a life that is fueled by art and doing things that light me up.

It has taken me a long while to get to this point. I’m so glad to finally be here. In a space and time where I can dream about what I want my life to be like and actually take steps to make that happen.

I want to travel, take amazing pictures of what I find and then come home to my little studio and turn those photos into encaustic art.

I’m still a long way from realizing that dream, but I’m getting closer. One step at a time.

What dream are you stepping toward?


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