Improve your working relationship with crystals and stones with listening.

I started working with crystals & stones as a teenager. I used to enjoy going into shops and checking out all the crystals and stones, picking them up and feeling the energy they gave off. As I got older and became more open to my clairsentience, this wasn’t so fun anymore. Crystal shops can be overwhelming places.

My clairsentience allows me to feel the energies held in stones and crystals. It’s something that anyone can learn with practice. There is tons of information on clearing, cleansing, and charging crystals and stones, but maybe not enough about listening to them.

Stone people carry with them their own purposes, skills, and experiences. While a book can give you general suggestions about which crystals to use for what, they can’t tell you if the crystal you have in your had is the right one for accomplishing your goals, even if your goal is protection and that stone is supposed to be a protection stone.

It’s important to be able to listen to each stone as an individual.

Like I can sketch, but you wouldn’t want me to give you a tattoo. Why would you want to work with a crystal or stone that didn’t fit with the work you are doing or didn’t want to work with you?

Cleansing & clearing is important, but it’s also good to remember that you’re still not working with a blank slate that you can simply impose your will on. Well, you can, but why would you want to? Isn’t a willing helper much better?

Ask the Stone People for help. Listen to what they have to say about themselves.

When I work with crystals or stones of any kind, I begin by listening. Before clearing. Before cleansing. Before starting any kind of working. I listen to the stone. Maybe it will say, “yes I want to work with you.” Or maybe it will say no. If it is yes then I can continue. If it is a no then I need to find a different crystal.

Sometimes they say “I’m not for you.” Or “I’m for someone else.” They love using me as a pass-through to the person they want to work with.

Listening helps you build a working relationship with the stone people which can only help improve your workings.

If there is a clear negative vibe coming from a crystal I don’t instantly dismiss working with it. Just about every stone or crystal available for sale has been through trauma. It’s own and the trauma of the people who’ve handled it.

Cleansing & clearing can help with that and make it easier to listen to the stone. Again, listening first will make it clear if this will be helpful or if you should pass on that stone or crystal and find a different one to work with.

How do I listen?

I hold the crystal or stone in my left hand. My left hand is the one I use for receiving information. You use whatever hand or method that works best for you.

I get a feel for the energy being emitted by the stone or crystal. Then I ask it if it would like to work with me. Sometimes the answer is in a shift in how the crystal or stone feels. Sometimes it is a very clear voice in my head.

If I am unsure what is trying to be communicated or about the information I'm getting, I will not use that stone or crystal in any workings at that time.

Since each stone and crystal is a little different the process can be different for each one. Find what works best for you and give listening first a try.


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