In the future I might live in an RV.

The possibility of selling everything and traveling in an RV has flipped my plans upside down. In a good way. I have time to plan for this change. Time to figure out how I can financially support my family. 

The idea of traveling was scary at first. I love having my own space. Living in a RV, even for a short time, is constantly camping in someone else's yard. Not something I do well with. Hermit for life! 

But, it has really forced me to think about what I can offer in my business and what my business might look like in the future. Do I really love what I've been doing? Do I want to stick with it or is there something that is a better fit?

The truth is, I don't like feeling like I need to create a 100s of them to fill a shop in hopes someone will buy. It takes away from the magic and energy of them. They are much better suited to be created for a specific person. That means focusing on commissions. Which is awesome, but if I'm in an RV, I don't have the space to do that. 

This brings us to digital creations. I'm learning how to make art digitally. It will be awhile before I have anything for sale. 

This future change also means things like writing and intuitive services sound like smarter places to focus myself. 

The Universe seems to be pushing me in that direction.  I had better start doing something before The Universe gives me no choice. 

What does any of this mean? Well, I'm going to keep moving in a direction that supports me. There are things that will be weeded out because they don't fit anymore. I'll really have to start doing things I know I should be doing. Not the bad 'Shoulds' of societal nonsense, but the ones that you need to do to follow your dreams, desires and Spirit Guides. 

I'd like to blog more. Not just rants about things that piss me, but stuff like this and things from my life you might find helpful. I hope you'll stick around.