Indecision strikes again!

Do you ever feel like you have no fucking idea what you're doing? 

I do. Especially when it comes to creating a business. I know it's not biz cool to admit to things like that, but I've never been cool. 

When it comes to how I'm trying to earn a living, I can be super wishy-washy. Most of the time it's from a lack of self-confidence. Sometimes it's from ignoring what Spirit is trying to tell me. 

I'll get excited about an idea, chase it for a little while and then get twisted up in bullshit. Sometimes I wander down wrong paths to avoid the 'work' of my gifts (for lack of a better word).

I waste boatloads of time and energy spinning myself in circles.  Maybe you do too.

I tell myself I'm not good enough to do the work that calls me. Inner Critic sucks. 

On the upside, I don't have to listen to my Inner Critic and you don't have to listen to yours. 

I find getting honest with myself about what I want and what I know in my bones that I can do helps quiet the Inner Critic and get me moving forward again. 

Every time your Inner Critic chimes in, ask yourself, is this true? Does it really matter? Chances are your Inner Critic is totally full of shit. Occasionally there is a grain of truth there. If you find there is, don't ignore it. Make a plan to change it.