It's frakking July already.

I don't know where this year has gone. It seems to be zipping past. Whizzing by while I sit still. 

I haven't been sitting still though. I've been making changes. I decided to put all my work together in one space. Managing like 4 websites was batshit. I put it all under my name. No hiding behind brands & cool sounding titles. 

It's a reclaiming of sorts. 

One in which I shed a few tons of useless baggage and move forward a little lighter and a whole lot happier.

What's in the works?

More art. Always more art. 

Writing. Blog posts and fiction. I have a short story in the works right now! 

Videos. Art ones and yarnie ones. I'd like to get to the point where I posting one video a week, but I might have to start out slower and work up to that. 

The card deck. I'm still working out the details of creating a deck, getting the art and writing done for it and figuring out how to fund it. It's a big project. I've got about 12-ish cards done. I want to have about 30. 

The trick, one of the tricks, will be setting up my schedule in a way that allows me to work on all of these things. The big obstacle is the job. I won't be stuck there forever and I still have time to work on the things I love. 

What do you have in the works for the summer?

Delisa Carnegie