Where do I go from here?

Since getting things moved to this new site, I've been wondering where to go from here. Things are changing in my life. We may or may not be about to leap into a new adventure. One that means selling our house and hitting the road. It's exciting and terrifying. 

If we go, I won't be able to paint in the way I have been. I've been wondering what I will do. I love creating and can't imagine not creating anymore. It wouldn't work for me. Exploring this possibility lead me to ask myself what I want to be doing and if it's worth continuing to build a biz around something that I might not be able to continue with. 

I'm reading The Art of Work by Jeff Goins (affiliate link). I'm only a few chapters in, but it already has me looking at my life experiences in a different way. Connecting the dots. 

It's made it clear to me why I'm so drawn to writing about abusive themes in stories. We are making some progress in helping people dealing with domestic violence, but how can we make lasting changes when we are still being indoctrinated to think abuse is love by fairy tales/myths/fiction?  

I've been afraid to really dig into this calling. Afraid of not being a good enough person or writer. Afraid of not being educated enough. While my writing has a long way to go, it is a skill I can learn. I gotta walk my talk and not let these fears get in my way. Bonus that writing can be done from anywhere with very little. 

That leaves me with the issue around my painting/art. This change might be the thing I need to shove me fully into following my long dream of becoming a photographer. Or maybe I get all techy and learn to create digital art. Both sound interesting to me. 

No matter what happens with our house, I need to get clear on what I want to be doing. Do I want to build mobile flexibility directly into what I'm doing or not? It seems like the smart thing to do. 

I'm still figuring out what I want to do with my life. I mean, I know I want to be an artist and writer. It's what kind of artist and writer that I'm still working on.