Is it too early to start planning 2019?


I hope not, because I’m looking forward to making some changes and continuing to get clear on what I want in life.

Last weekend we took a surprise road trip to Oregon to visit our daughter. It was her birthday and her first time being far away from home. It was an amazing trip.

It also gave me the chance to experience something that I haven’t for a long time, a sense of adventure. A taste of a life I’d like to live. Yum.

I’ve been taking a good hard look at my biz and life. Really noticing what is working and what isn’t. Noticing where I’m following what sings to me and where I’m not.

I have to admit that for a long time, I’ve been shying away from the deep work that calls to me. Hovering around the edges of it. I know that I won’t be able to create the life or biz I want if I continue to do that.

It’s scary to dive and swim with the creatures lurking in the deep, but it is also where I do my best work. Both of us deserve my best work.

It means creating things I love to create. Working in away that allows me to travel. Listening to my Spirit Guides. There are adventures waiting.

What is calling to you? What have you been shying away from?