Do you take the path of least resistance or the one that cuts right through?


Both of these paths have pros & cons. One isn’t more ‘right’ than the other. Both can feel impossible.

So how do you choose?

The way through is like a cave cutting deep under the mountain. It’s full of strange unknown things. Some beautiful and some dangerous.

The path of least resistance or avoidance takes you around the mountain. It has sunshine and beautiful scenery. It isn’t without its dangers. It’s easy to get lost or find yourself far away from where you wanted to go.

Most of the time we choose the path of avoidance. It’s ok to do that as long as you are ok with the way things are. There is no growth or change along that path. That is why it’s the easier path and so damned appealing. We like easy things.

There are times when choosing this path is the best thing to do for yourself. Sometimes we don’t have the strength and support needed to take a different path at that moment of choosing. And that’s ok too.

When you choose the other path, the one that cuts through, it takes guts. It’s standing up to your fears. It’s admitting what you want for yourself and not letting anything get in the way of you having it.

This path through the darkness and into the light tests you, to see if you want whatever it is you want. It changes you. It helps heal.

Do you want to find a partner who isn’t abusive?

Do you want to be a successful artist?

Do you want to travel?

Do you want that job?

Do you want that life you’ve been dreaming of?

There are people selling the Law of Attraction to you. Telling you it’s all super easy to manifest the shit out of what you want. It’s bullshit. It’s total bullshit unless you are in a space where what you want can come to you. If you’re not, no amount of LOA nonsense is going to help you.

The way through is the path that helps you deal with whatever shit you need to deal with. This way you can get yourself into a space where what you want can be available to you.

I can do vision boards, meditations, and positive affirmations every fucking day and never be any closer to getting what I want. It takes action. It takes doing the work.

Whenever possible take the way through. It won’t be easy, but amazing things flourish deep under the earth.

The Way Through is currently available for purchase.

Delisa Carnegie