Taking time to dream in a society that preaches hustle is an act of rebellious self love.

Photo by  Gabriel Matula  on  Unsplash

I feel like I’m not doing anything at all. Blog posts aren’t getting written. Art isn’t being created. Money isn’t being made.

I’m still in the dreaming phase of this operation. It’s wonderful and hard as hell.

I’m still figuring out how I’m going to bring this new work to you. How I’m going to create the art I want to create or what my money streams will even be. I’m sure there is some Business Blah Blah out there who would gladly tell me how badly I’m fucking this all up and have a shiny program to sell me.

I’m not a hustle sort of person. I’m a flow with the phases of the moon sort of person. The moon does not hustle.

Dreaming is an important part of the process of creating a life we love, that we rarely give ourselves the time or permission for.

We need to know what we want so we can recognize it when we see it.

The hustle leaves us drained and wiped out. It has no space for recharging. No time for figuring out what we truly want. The hustle is big numbers but not necessarily big value. The hustle is killing us one lost dream at a time.

Take time to dream. Slow the fuck down, plant seeds and let them grow.