Sowing seeds and nourishing weeds

Have the determination of a dandelion..png

How long have we been planting seeds and waiting for them to grow? Seeds of love, hope, and equality?

How many times have our seedlings been torn from the ground like unwanted weeds?

In a country founded on Patriarchy and White Supremacy, anything that opposes those two things is a weed needing to be destroyed.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that weeds are bad.

We need to cultivate conforming grass lawns like good citizens. Lawns the drink up time and natural resources, but only give indications of social status in return.

As a witch, I know there are many valuable things to learn from plants labeled as weeds. In this moment I think the most important things are perseverance, resilience, and giving zero fucks.

Weeds will grow in the harshest places. They will come back time and time again. They will hold their heads high in defiance.

The USA is in a time in which The Patriarchy/White Supremacy and those who benefit from that are rising levels of violence and hate in an attempt to save themselves. It’s the maintenance man aggressively spaying every unwanted plant with herbicides because if he can’t get rid of those fucking weeds, he loses his place in society.

Weeds are strong and powerful things. They will push through concrete to bask in the sun.

We must continue to be like weeds. Growing strong in places we are not welcome. Being things that offer nourishment and healing.

People doing social justice work in the USA have been planting weeds. Weeds that can reclaim lawns. Weeds that can heal and sustain. Weeds that can crack and crumble walls.

When we speak of the work that needs doing we are spreading ideas like millions of dandelion seeds of dissent and change blown on the wind.

Look for places where weeds are growing in your life. Are you quick to pull them from the ground?


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