Hello 2019! You looking good.


It’s finally 2019.

2018 was a million years long and somehow managed to leave me wondering where the time went. I think that is because I spent most of 2018 staring at a wall in a windowless office completely hating the fuck out of everything. I didn’t actually do anything.

I have no energy or drive to give my art and business what it needed to succeed. 2018 drained me. I think it drained most everyone.

I’m working on doing things differently in 2019. No more fucking around. I feel like I’ve said that before. I think I’m ready for real this time. 2019 is going to be about taking action on my dreams, listening to my intuition and doing what I feel called to do. It’s about doing the deep work.

I’ve been avoided doing that work for a bunch of reasons. I finally reached the point where I can’t let those fears choose for me.

I’m resurrecting The Myth Project, following a decades old dream of creating encaustic art and giving myself permission to write even if it never brings me any income.

And I’m going to quit my shitty part time job.

These are big things. I’m still dealing with fears around them. Somehow it will all be ok.

If there is something you’d love to see me blog or make a video for, let me know.