Why don't I write an artist blog?

I have a confession.

I don’t like artist blogs. I don’t like reading them and I sure as hell don’t want to write one. No matter how many time the ‘experts’ say it is a must have for selling my art online.

I worry sometimes that unwary art buyers might stumble across this blog and be a little blind sided by the content. They may experience a moment of confusion before fleeing for their lives. I’m ok with that.

I’m approaching this art selling thing from a different angle. People who enjoy reading what I write will also be people who would buy my art. This way of doing things might take longer to build a successful art business, but I think it will be worth it.

My art is for people doing Shadow Work & healing around similar issues to the ones I write about. If you dig my writing, I probably have ( or can create) a piece of art that speaks to you. My art is simply about putting something pretty on the wall and that is why I can’t mindlessly follow standard biz blah blah.

I’ve struggled with this. Tried to act as if this wasn’t the case. Tried to do things the way the ‘experts’ said. It isn’t working for me. There is helpful bits and pieces I can pull out and use, but as a whole it’s not a good fit. I’m learning to be ok with that.

My writing is one of the hardest scariest things for me to share. Relying on being able to put it out into the world freezes me into a big block of self doubt. I’m going to keep trying anyway.

I will be sharing my art process and using the messages that come through my art as inspiration for blog post.

I know I haven’t been writing. I’ve been so afraid of being found not good enough to do this work. I’ve said it before, this work will not leave me alone. I must keep trying, keep working at it, until it is good enough.


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