Art Shows. Art Walks. Art Chaos.

I have been doing things I’ve never done before. Like acting like a professional artist. lol.

I got the opportunity to join a local collective for female artists. It has lead to other opportunities to participate in other art things. And totally stressed me the fuck out.

I missed the groups first meeting which lead to missing out on some important information. AFAS (Aspiring Female Artists of Sandpoint) is hosting an art show at a local winery. I thought it was a one night display two pieces of art thing. Wrong. It’s that plus each artist getting a week long solo display.

Insert massive panic and freaking out.

I don’t have art for a solo gig. I mean I have piles of art, but it’s not art that I planned on showing. It’s older work that I’m moving away from. It’s going in the show now, because I don’t have the time or cash flow to make new art.

I have until the end of the month to have everything ready for display. I hadn’t sealed most of my pour painting in case I wanted to paint over them.

Home Depot quit carrying the sealer I had been using. gggrrrrr.

Hiccup. Bump. Panic. Move on. Repeat.

Joining AFAS also gives me the chance to participate in the summer art walk put on by the local art council. Since I’m working on my dreams of being an photo encaustic artist, I submitted the 3 encaustic pieces I have done.

I don’t expect to get in. Sending the application was like ripping off a giant band-aid.

Fuck it and do it anyway.

This is my current attitude toward getting my art out into the world and doing whatever I need to do to make this work. Fuck it and do it anyway.


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