Are you ready to howl? Reclaiming Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s finally live! Things did not go smoothly getting this ebook out into the world. Howl uses the older versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story to take you on a short journey through the woods with your inner wolf.

I attempted to record a guided visualization to go along with this ebook. The recording came out really shitty and I couldn’t include it. I do plan on redoing the recording. Anyone who buys this ebook will before the recording is done will get access to the recording.

Why Little Red Riding Hood?

This story has been retold so many times and has changed over time to continually be used as a tool of the patriarchy. Maybe it started out as a way to warn children about the dangers of the woods, but it is so much more than that.

The wolf has grown into a clear symbol of sexual predators and men in general. (Which is a disservice to wolves.) It clearly makes women prey, something to be hunted down and devoured. Even the popular romance/erotica based on this story is full of harmful tropes.

This story is about so much more than that. I hope this ebook helps others see that too.

Check out the ebook.