3 reasons Granny Squares are my go to for baby blankets.


Granny Square Baby Blankets…

are total baby gift lifesavers.

Granny Squares are beautiful, simple and flexable. I use them when I’m in a time crunch, but still want to give something handmade.

There was a time when I didn’t love them so much. The 70’s had some awful granny square designs. That was mostly the fault of yucky yarn colors.

The key to a beautiful granny square blanket is choosing colors that work well together.


The yarn chose me…

Bright colors aren’t my bag, but this isn’t my blanket.

While I was walking through the store, not thinking about yarn at all, I saw this yarn out of the corner of my eye. It screamed my sister in-laws name at me. Clearly, I had to buy it.

It is super bright. Like burn your eyes.

Why granny squares are da bomb:

1.) Autopilot Simple- your hands can crochet away while your mind gets to chill or whatever.

2.) Descriptively Good Looking- Granny squares look like you’ve done more work than you really did. People will think that handmade gift took forever. It’s ok to let them.

3.) Flexibility- You can crochet one big one. A bunch of little ones. A wild mix of both. Endless possibilities. Fuck yeah.

What do you love about granny squares?