How do you value your art?

Some of you will read that question and start thinking about the pricing of your art or how much art you’ve sold. The value of what you’ve made tangled in dollar amounts.

The value of what you create has nothing to do with money. Not the money you spent on supplies. Not the money someone traded you for something you made.

The idea that to be a real artist you have to be earning a living with your art or that a painting that sells for $500 has more value than one that never sold is a lie Capitalism spreads.

If you create you are an artist. I’m using the word artist to cover all kinds of makers and creators.

The value of your art is in how it makes you feel while you are creating. In how it nourishes you. The value is in how your art makes others feel and how it nourishes them.

What do you get from creating? How does it fuel you?

Lately I haven’t been feeling fueled by what I’ve been making. It feels boring and lifeless. That isn’t how I want to feel when I’m creating. I can continue to make the same art, in the same way, because it’s easy. There is no value in that. No growth. Nothing.

If you are building a business with your art, it’s important not to get stuck in the mindset that the value of your art is the same as the money you do or do not get for it.

Lack of sales in your art business is a business problem not an art problem. Unless you are creating art you hate and that keeps you from marketing it.

If you are making art you love and it’s not selling, that is a business issue.