Is finding your passion ruining everything?

Have you ever had a someone, like a business/life coach, tell you to find your passion? Like it was the soul key to having a successful business or life.

I have and it pissed me the fuck off. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been passionate about anything. I have this idea in my head that to feel passionate you would need to be feeling EXTREMELY excited about a thing 2000% of the time. I’m not like that. Having that idea in my head, fucked me up for many years while I was trying and failing to create a business.

What if being passionate simply meant you enjoyed it. It stoked your heart fire. It was part of your genius. I believe that everyone is genius at something. Genius has nothing to do with your IQ score.

There are things that light us up. That stoke our heart fires. It’s important to follow those paths as much as we can. They are the ones that lead us to our genius. The ones that connect us to our creative centers. Keep us in flow. Show us what we fucking rock at.

I rock at knowing the energy of things. I can pick up the vibe of a person the moment I meet them. I know in my bones if I can trust them, if we will be friends or if I need to keep away from them. I know when things aren’t right. I can feel it.

I can tell if something is off with a house. If a crystal is a good match to a person. If a magical working is a fit to the situation.

These things are part of my genius.

Journal prompts for Core painting:

What fuels your heart fire?

Are you actively stoking that fire?