White Supremacy isn't a spiritual path and shouldn't be part of one.


Where to begin with the White Women of New Age Wank and their continuous parade of White Supremacy fuckery? I don't know. It's a huge problem, but not a new one.

Thanks to White Supremacy nonsense, WW (No, not Wonder Woman) can strip away the meat of any spiritual practice belonging to POC (people of color) and regurgitate empty spiritual calories for mass consumption.  We devour it in hopes of filling our souls.

And when we are left hungry and wanting, we believe the story that it is our fault. That we weren't High Vibe enough. That we manifested our starvation. So we buy more. Flock to the next wealthy WW that promises to satiate us.

Why? Is it because we are told they are what success looks like? I think so.

They tell us, they can teach us how to be wealthy and happy, just like them. They don't tell you they were already wealthy when they started their journey to success.

The deck stacked against you? Well, you chose to stack it that way.

What total fucking nonsense.

While I might not personally be to blame for White Supremacy existing in the world, it is my responsibility to work to end it. You might be wondering what this has to do with the patriarchal fuckery I normally write about. The Patriarchy & White Supremacy are besties. They support and uphold each other. They both need to fucking go.

There has been a lot more attention being put on WW of NAW (White Women of New Age Wank) and the harmful spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, and racist shit they peddle.  These women are getting free emotional labor and education from POC. Then they do a Basic White Bitch move and play the victim. They were attacked. They were hurt. Why are POC so mean? Poor me.  They erase the words of wisdom POC shared with them, move on to the next bit of POC culture they can bleach out and sell.  Fuck that shit.

It isn't POC's job to fix this shit. They are not required to put their hurts aside to coddle and heal us. That is our fucking responsibility. Not the coddling. I don't fucking coddle.

If you aren't sure if your work is harmful to POC or any minority group of people, it doesn't matter if that was your intention or not, HIRE a POC or whomever you need to and get educated. Get it fixed.

Edited to add:

Check out this far less ranty post by Camille Williams. She includes a great list of resources at the end too.

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