Another White Woman does some White Woman shit.


Today I read an article, The Faceless: On Whiteness & Emotional Assassination, written by a women who've I've had the the pleasure of witnessing her journey. The article was eye opening, saddening, but not at all surprising. It never is surprising when a POC writes about their hurtful experiences with Whiteness.

There is a strong theme of White Women in business either using a layer of social justice or spirituality to profit from POCs.

Sometimes they do this in a very blatant way with headdresses, smudge sticks and LOA. Sometimes you don't know how harmful they are being until they need to chose between their PR & doing real work. It's a fine line for those of us who benefit from White Supremacy to find mentors/coaches/supporters who are doing real work, but it's a fucking mind field for POCs.

You find someone who is doing some awesome work and they let you down the moment their profit margins or gleaming white image might be harmed.

It's fucking bullshit.

I'm so sick of my fellow humans being stood on and carved up in the name of White Woman Rebellion or Spirituality.

It makes me feel like an asshole, because I supported this WW's work. I bought it. I shared it. I believed her to be different. I feel betrayed.

This isn't about me in that way though. It is about me in that, I must do better. I can't allow myself to follow in her footsteps. I must make sure I'm using my White Privilege as a sledge hammer against the system that gives me that privilege.

I won't be perfect in this. I'll make mistakes. And then I'll have to do better.