Dear Fluffy Bunnies of Love, Light and White Washes...

Love is action.

Love defends and protects.

Love does not look away.

Love isn't one of those knights in shining armor, that parade around, blinding everyone with the gleam of their polished perfection.

Love gets dirty and bloody. Love goes to war. Love runs into burning buildings. Love risks everything to hide people fleeing for their lives. Love will punch Nazis. Every fucking time.

There seems to be some confusion about this, a belief that love is a passive thing. That love is holding a moment of silence and being released from any responsibility for the society you live in.

They say violence isn't the answer.  I agree that violence isn't cool, but when someone is trying to kill you, to wipe you and everyone that looks like, thinks like, believes like you, off the fucking planet, you bet your fucking ass you defend yourself. Sometimes defence & protection are violent things. We haven't moved passed the point where they are not violent.

Maybe one day we will, but first we have to get to the point where calling for the death of people because of their skin tone, is illegal. Like white people actually go to jail for it.

The world is a scary place right now. For some people it has been for a very long time. We've done very little to change that.

This is not easy work. It's work that we all must do. I believe white americans need to use their place of privilege to dismantle white supremacy in our society.

How you do that is up to you. You don't have to punch anyone, but you can't sit quietly and do nothing. Find ways to support change that work for you that actually help change happen.

Support POC advocates, artists, activists and charities. Learn about white privilege and how it harms our society. Talk about racism with your friends and family. Make it clear where you stand.

Learn how the language of Love & Light teachings is abusive and oppressive and work to change that.

Stand up to racism and hate where ever you find it. Stand up in Love. Raise your voice in Love.