Extra zeros in your math can lead to moments of insanity.

And be a reminder that I shouldn't do all the math things in my head. 800 is a panic inducing number and one I'm glad that I don't have to aim for.

I've been figuring how many skeins of yarn I need to dye and sale to hit my lowest income goal.

Thankfully it's not 800.

I currently dye in my kitchen. That means that while I'm dyeing the kitchen can't be used as a kitchen, space is limited and I can only get so many skeins dyed.The level of annoyingness that this causes hit me hard this last week.

I needed to get yarn dyed for the Survival Gear Boxes. That meant making space in the kitchen so I could do that.I procrastinated, felt depressed and unmotivated, questioned if I should even have a yarn business, and was really discouraged.

If I was having such a hard time getting the few skeins I needed for those boxes done, how was I ever going to dye enough to hit my income goals?For the brief moment that I believed it was going to take 800 skeins, everything sucked. It was an impossible number.

I'd have to quit and find another way to earn money.Thankfully after taking to some other dyers, I realized my mistake. I only need to dye and sell 80 skeins. Still a pain to do in my current space, but not impossible.This got me thinking about a dye shed/studio.

It would be amazing to have a dedicated dye space. I could dye more yarn at a time and storage space.I asked my husband how much he thought it would cost to build. He works construction and we could do everything but the electrical ourselves (luckily one of our good friends is an electrician). There is also the problem of where to place the studio. I need to be close to where the electricity and water is on our property.It wouldn't be easy, but it could be done.

Apocalypse Friday is moving into it's 3rd year. It hasn't been growing as much as I'd like and part of the reason is, I can not do more yarn. I believe that I can turn this into a nice profitable business. I'm not ready to give up, but I'm also going to need a dedicated dye space.

I'm going to be working on putting together some estimates for building costs & the cost of fitting up the space with equipment. Once I have a clear idea of what it's going to take, then we can decide if it is something we really want to do.

Of course we'll have to think about how to pay for it all, which means I'll most likely run another Kickstarter.

It's a huge step and it's scary. It's also really exciting.