Let's make 2017 yarn kits happen.

Firstly, yarn kits needs a cooler name. I'm thinking Survival Gear. We all need that shit, right? Secondly, I'm not going to say thirdly.

I want to offer you a subscription thing, but not a monthly one because it makes me all stressed out. Stress has no place in my comfy yarn.

This is more like placing a preorder, like I've been using Kickstarter for, but without Kickstarter as a middleman.

I'll offer it twice a year. Spring & Fall. (If things go well maybe Winter.)

What would you be getting?

Sock yarn for Spring & worsted weight for Fall? (I'm open to suggestions.)

I'll be opening orders for Spring in January. Closing it in February. Shipping in April.

Fall would open in June, close in July and ship in September.

There will be limited spots. Like 50.

You'd get a skein of yarn, a pattern and a goodie. The goodie would depend on how many people subscribe.

More people = better goodie.

Colorways would be a surprise, but would go with the 2017 theme of Mythical Creatures.

You'd be able to chose 1 or 2 skeins. Skeins would be the same colorway.

Subscriptions would be $35 for 1 skein or $60 for two. This includes shipping to US. + $15 for shipping to Canada. + $20 for everywhere else.

Does this sound good to you? Is there something I could do to make this even better for you?

Yarn Coven members will be able to use their discount.