Pink has its place, in flowers and sunsets, but not my yarn, because color is energy.

I don't like pink. I enjoy it when it shows up in nature, but I don't want to wrap myself in it or spend my time dyeing yarns with it. Colors carry energy, they can affect how we feel and pink carries bad vibes for me.

This doesn't mean it's a bad color or that there is anything wrong with people who love it. It's just why you won't find it here.

I don't want to be injecting the yarn with bad mojo.  I dye colors that I love, that make me feel good. This way that energy goes into the yarn.

I believe that knitting, crocheting or whatever fiber art you are into is a wonderful way to work color magick. Color magick has some standard basics for workings, like using pink for love, but I believe that how we feel about a color or how a color makes us feel is more important.

Think about how your favorite color makes you feel, how clothing in the right color can your day 100% better.

Color matters. You know how it is when you find a skein of yarn in a color that sets your heart fluttering and your mind spinning with ideas.

If a colorway doesn't do that for me, I'm not going to dye it.

P.S. If you are a lover of pink check out the Pussy Hat Project for the Women's March on DC.