Shamelessly follow your desire. Your dreams depend on it.


We've been taught that desires are bad, selfish and shameful. It isn't true. Our desires, the deep ones, the ones that send shivers skittering across our skin, are the whispers of our soul song trying to call us to our brilliance.

Desire is a delicious powerful thing. It's a compass needle pointing us in the direction of our soul calling.

I believe stripping away the negative teachings around desire turns it into a clear connection to Spirit. It makes it easier to see where we want to go, get inspired, stand in our power and create the hell out of our thing.

When we desire things that aren't good for us, it is a direct result of having a twisty wonky understanding of desire or we are buying into some other bullshit.  It totally fucks up our ability to create lives that set our souls on fire.

Have you ever burned for someone? Imagine allowing yourself to feel that way about your dreams, about the thing you want to create, that biz you want to start or whatever is calling to you.

How fucking amazing would that be? How hard would you work to make yourself more desirable to your dream? What would you do to show your dream that you two belong together? In a non-creepy stalker or trying to be something you're not sort of way. In a honestly self confident sort of way.

Desire feels good for a reason. It isn't about fitting into some narrow idea of what sexy looks like. I think there is so much negativity around it because it is a powerful magick. A women secure in her desire (not the same as  society's idea of sex appeal) can do any damned thing she wants without any twisty manipulation.

Being desirable and creating your life around your desires is standing in your power, working your magick, and letting your brilliance out into the world.

What do you deeply desire right now? For the longest? Are you looking where it's pointing you?