Hello Sweetie hat pattern in progress.

20161129_114817-01 Planning out hat patterns or any patterns can be a challenge. A challenge that I'm finding I really enjoy. They are like mysteries or puzzles to solve.

I started planning a different pattern, made a chart and everything. Then I didn't like knitting the design stitch at all. So I scrapped it and went back to the drawing board. Thank the gods for pencils and graph paper.

I'm a big fan of Doctor Who ( if the Doctor Who colorways weren't a big fat clue). I don't have cable TV or anything so, I just watch the DVDs I have over and over. Sadly I'm a little behind (Dear Santa...).  This hat design is the result of my latest Doctor Who binge.

It features an X's & O's cable and a wandering wibbly cable. I'm calling it Hello Sweetie. I'm knitting it in my T.A.R.D.I.S. inspired colorway, Blue Box.

This pattern will be released sometime next year and be available on Ravelry. Yarn Coven members will get first grabs at it. Click Here to join the Coven.