What is my big yarny why?

39380-gene_simmons_knitting_grandmaBecause I can.  Do I need a deeper reason? Not really. I started this business on a whim. I started dyeing yarn, because I had a difficult time finding yarns in colors I actually wanted to knit with.

Life is too short for ugly yarn.

I wanted a business that was fun, let me express my creativity and could be done with limited space.  Dyeing yarn fits the bill. Plus what knitter or crocheter wouldn't want access to a nice stash of hand dyed yarn?

Aside from creating a new source of income for my family, there are other things I'd like to do with this business. Things like creating a Yarn Coven of badass Knit Witches and Sacred Hookers that use our fiber skills to make magick. Magick in the form of charity work and community.

Knitting and crocheting helps keep me sane and I want to share that with others.

That sounds like a pretty awesome why to me.