What life long dream are you still resisting?

20160825_131002-01 There is something utterly delicious about photography, like holding magickal portals in your hand. I don't know when I first fell in love with photography, but it's a love that has never faded. It lingers in the shadows cast by things I believed I could never do.

I've never been one of those people who get wildly passionate about things, flinging myself headlong into the pursuit of a thing with the exclusion of all others. I sample a little of everything I can get my hands on. I have a feeling though that if I ever got over my limiting beliefs around photography, it could be something that I'm wild about, and that may very well be one of the things that is holding me back.

So I dabble. I sample. I play just enough to moisten my dry thirsty soul.

There are two main limiting beliefs I'm allowing myself to wallow in.


The lie of fancy equipment

This has been the block that I have been clinging to forever. Cameras used to be luxury items. I didn't even own a basic one for photographing my kids when they were little.  Now that camera phones are everywhere, this lie doesn't really work. Awesome photographs can be taken with camera phones. The newer version of this lie is that I miss my iphone. My new phone is large are really difficult for me to hold on to. Seriously, I could keep going with these excuses. I know they aren't anything that can't be overcome, but I cling to them like a life raft. I've been telling myself that someday I'll own a DSLR. We all know someday is a day that never comes.

The lie of time wasted

I'd have to admit to years wasted not following this longing. It also makes me feel guilty about time spent on other pursuits like painting, jewelry making, and all the other crafty things I've done. None of those things have been a waste of time, but think of all the time I could've spent learning to be an awesome photographer instead of wasting money making jewelry no one wanted to buy.

Whenever I take pictures of things, whether it's my hand dyed yarn or something I've found in my yard, it's like taking a long cool drink on a hot day, but what my soul really craves is to dive into the water.

What am I going to do about this? I'm going to take more pics with my phone and figure out ways to deal with/work around the things that annoy me about it and start saving up for that DSLR I've always wanted.


What are you craving?

What fears are holding you back?