I ordered a boat load of super bulky yarn & I don't even feel guilty.

yarn-stash-meme60 snugly skeins of yarn are on their way to me! I'm slightly sad about having to share them with buyers, but I'll get over it. Now that the Kickstarter is done and I've got the money in my hot little hands, I've been shopping.

I can't tell you how cool it is to get to yarn shop without feeling guilty or like I have to hide my stash.

I've ordered enough yarn to fill the Kickstarter orders and have some left for customers who didn't get a chance to get in on the Kickstarter.

There is going to be some new colorways and new patterns so you can make something awesome with the yarn. I've got so much work to do. Thankfully I learned from the last Kickstarter and gave myself more time to get things done.

This Kickstarter was much smaller than the first one and so much less stressful. I'm so excited to get busy dyeing. I'll share pictures of the yarn when it gets here and of all the yummy colors.