The hidden blessings of ridiculous tangerine ball bags

Change_zpsed420ec3America seems to have gone crazy. There are a crap ton of people who believe Donald Trump would make a good president. The world is looking at us like they’ve just discovered that we're the ‘Nice Guy’ at the party. You know the one who pretends to be a gentleman until you refuse his advances and he assaults you.

While some people are shocked that a hate spewing fuck muppet (thank you Scotland) like Donald is so popular right now, I’m really not. Even though it seems like everyone has lost their damned minds and everything is going straight to hell, it’s really the rumblings of something better trying to break through.

There are going to be people that dig in their heels and do everything thing they can to stop the destruction of the old ways. As things crack open, light shines into all the dark places that need to be healed, all the skeletons in our collective closet, like the things Trump represents, are going to come tumbling out. We have to face them. See them for what they are, so that we can heal, grow and change.

Trump (and people like him) is a reflection of our collective darkness, of all the things we’ve pushed away and tried to hide without actually dealing with it or healing it. Trump Puppets are me, they are you and all the shameful things we do as a society. We may not want to admit that, but if we don’t, we can’t begin to fix this.

Trump running for president is a manifestation of all fuckery that we as a nation and society need to face and heal so that we can grow into something better. It’s like tearing open and old wound to dig the shrapnel out before it kills you and the only tools you have are a butter knife and a pair of pliers. It’s gonna fucking hurt. It’s going to take time to heal. It’s going to leave a glorious scar to remind us of our strength.

While we are all looking at each other like What The Actual Fuck?, it’s important to try and keep ourselves open to the opportunities that this craziness brings up.

We can clearly see where we don’t want to go.

We don’t have to calmly walk down the path or let them drag us into dark corners. The Trump Puppets are standing proudly and screaming at us what needs healed. All we have to do is listen and get to work healing it.

It’s like something being wrong with your car. Maybe you don’t know much about cars, but after awhile you notice your car isn’t running as well as it did before. It’s not clear what is wrong, but something just isn’t right. Then the check engine light comes on. Things are still going OK, but you know you should take your car to a mechanic to get checked out. Mechanics are expensive so you let I go for awhile. Then your car starts making weird noises. It doesn’t fire right up every time you turn the key.

You can go to the mechanic now and get things fixed before your car leaves you stranded or you can ignore a little while longer.

Trump and his puppets are the weird noises and flashing warning lights.

We can pay attention, act like responsible adults and do what needs to be done to get shit fixed.

Or ignore it all and be really fucking pissed when it breaks down, leaving us stranded in the middle of no where with our hungry kids screaming in the back seat.

This isn't end times. It's a wake up call.