Only 9 days left in the Monster Mayhem Kickstarter!

The month of the Kickstarter is flying by.  I need to get my ass busy getting every thing planned out for when the moolah arrives. The pledged amount is at $665. That's $335 away from the first stretch goal.  There is still time to hit stretch goals, but I'm totally stoked about hitting the main goal.

You yarn lovers are fucking awesome.

Yarn's not gray

This purple yarn was supposed to be gray.  It is very much purple. I even mixed the dye twice to make sure I hadn't messed up somewhere along the way.  This pic doesn't even show the shade of purple clearly. I really need a better photo set up that includes a new camera. (wink wink. nudge nudge. kickstarter)

I'm calling it The Yarn's Not Gray, because it's not and I love AFI.

Be sure to get yourself over to the Kickstart, drag all your friends along too. Maybe we can hit some of those stretch goals.

Monster Mayhem Kickstarter