Intuition beats smarmy sales pitches every time.

When was the last time you listened to your intuition? Or have you been ignoring it and listening to someone else? I’ve been learning a lot about the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (FLEB) lately. Which is basically other women pretending to sell you shit that is going to help you be the best woman you can be, but really just peddling sexist bullshit for the patriarchy, taking all your money and making you feel like shit. Which makes you spend more money. It’s a vicious circle.

Now that I clearly see what’s going on, I can’t unsee it.

In a conversation with a friend the other day, we were discussing how FLEB uses manipulative sales tactics to get women to buy useless bullshit. She had bought a thing that was supposed to help her grow her business. It didn’t and left her feeling bad about herself ( a clear sign FLEB has fucked you over). We talked about why she bought the program and she admitted that buying it wasn’t a Hell Yes, but something she did out of fear. She ignored her intuition’s red flags.

This is something women do all the time. We’ve been raised to believe that other people, ones that seem to be in positions of power or to know more about a subject than we do, are who we should be following. We learn to ignore our own intuition and listen to ‘expert’ advise.

All those sleazy smarmy salesmen know it. FLEB knows it. They use that to manipulate us into buying things that aren’t helpful to us and only serve their pocketbooks.

It’s important that we start listening to our intuition again. I know it can be hard to relearn, but it isn’t impossible.

When you are thinking of buying a thing, a self help thing, a business help thing, an anything thing, take a moment to clearly understand why you are considering buying that thing.

Are you buying out of want/desire or fear/desperation?

If buying the thing fills you with joy and is a total Hell Yes, then cool, but if there is any sort of wonkiness around it, stop and figure out why before you buy. If there are red flags, what are they? If reading/hearing the sales pitch makes you feel bad, fearful or negative in anyway, that is a good indication that your intuition is trying to get your attention.

FLEBs like to push pain points and use false authority to trick you into buying. Then when their thing fails to deliver, they blame you. If you’ve experienced this, think about how you were feeling when you decided to buy. There will be clues to how your intuition was trying to speak to you. It will help you make better choices in the future. Listen to yourself. You know what is best for you, better than anyone else.

And if you've fallen for some manipulative sales fuckery, don't beat yourself up about it. We've all fallen for it. Next time we'll do better.

I'm not saying all experts are bad, but it's important that we listen to our intuition instead of our fears when choosing which experts we are going to get help from.


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