Arrows of Cosmic Bitch Slaps are a thing and I have a quiver full.


While watching this scene in The Flash, I had a total Ah-Ha moment. I'm Arrow.

This can be a sad realization when you run a spiritual type biz.

Traditionally spiritual type businesses peddle Love & Light and all I've got is this cosmic 2x4.

Some of you might think Oliver is being really mean by shooting Barry in the back and he is a little. Barry has been totally ignoring all the near misses and warning signs of his reckless behavior. He doesn't want to hear what experience has to say.

Oliver resorts to making his point in a way that Barry can't ignore.

Now I'm not saying I'm going shoot anyone in the back (or anywhere else), but there is a point when the Universe stops playing nice.  You have to hear the hard truths. Sometimes that sucks, but it is also a big step in growing.

The New Age Love Fest (NALF), doesn't want to admit to this. It has no space for dealing with the consequences of your actions. Your supposed to keep thinking your happy thoughts and keep your blinders firmly on. Stay tucked in a love and light bubble.

When someone like me or Oliver comes along and pops your bubble the NALF (sounds like someone has a hairball) whimpers about how mean we are, how wrong we are and sticks its fingers in its ears. LALALALALA!!!!

NALF tricks us into believing that they are right and if we are positive enough, say our affirmations with enough conviction, everything will be sunshine and rainbows.

And when you fail to manifest your perfect life by following their teachings the trick is revealed. You didn't try hard enough, you must have had a negative thought or emotion, you didn't raise your vibration high enough, or you're not meditating right.

Everyone of those statements that make you feel ashamed or like a failure are signs from the Universe that your bubble is really a prison.

You're stuck in the fucking Matrix.

Then someone like me comes along shoots your bubble with the Arrow of Cosmic Bitch Slaps.

And it fucking hurts. The light can be blinding when you see its true self for the first time.

But it isn't mean or cruel. It's a life lesson. One that needs to be learned before you can level up. It's not about conforming to anyone else's Right Way. It's learning what is right for you. It's not about focusing on negative and wallowing. It's taking care of our shit, healing our shit, and cleaning up our shit.

Maybe you'll think I'm a bitch or wonder if I couldn't have worded things a little nicer.  You'd be right. I could dampen things down, sugarcoat, and whisper only what you want to hear, but I won't. The Universe has already tried that and got ignored.

When things feel like they are going to hell ask yourself if you're feeling the bullshit of a NALF bubble or the Arrow of Cosmic Bitch Slaps.

How do you tell them apart?

New Age Love Fest comes with feelings of shame, self doubt, self hate and generally make you feel like you are not good enough. Doesn't sound very lovey does it?

Arrows of Cosmic Bitch Slaps come with Ah-Ha moments, seeing things in new clearer ways, inspiration, encouragement and a helping hand.