I have a bit of a whine and then you can enter to get free yarn. It's a win win.

20160429_101715-001What the hell am I doing? It's a good question. Mostly I'm sitting in front of my laptop trying to figure out what to do next. You see, I didn't make a Oh Shit, This Is Screwed!  plan. Seriously, I have no plan B.

Now I'm stuck back in square one, maybe square 1.5.

Yes the Kickstarter was successful funded and I should've had all the money I needed to do all the things I'd planned to get this yarn biz started.  But, life had other plans for me. There was a hiccup, one I didn't even think to plan for.

This is hard to say out loud.

Half of the Kickstarter money got taken from my bank by a credit card company. I'd thought I'd paid off the card like 5 years ago. The Kickstarter money was sitting in my personal savings while I waited for my LLC paper work to go through so I could open a business bank account. It was a mess. There was nothing I could do about it. I can't go back and change things.

This financial fuckery made it so I couldn't buy as much stock and equipment as I wanted. I ended up with enough to fill Kickstarter rewards (thank the gods) and not much else. Now I'm in a place where I don't have the funds I need to buy more stock or stock I need to raise funds.

Why am I telling you this? I think it is important to be honest about happened with the Kickstarter money and to let you know that I'm taking steps to make sure that sort of thing never happens again.

What is happening now?

I'm brainstorming ideas for new yarn colors, yarn kits, yarn clubs, and spending far too much time on Pinterest looking at men in kilts.

Because Apocalypse Friday is new and small ( there are like 7 people on my mailing list) I'm hosting a give away. Which I just decided to do this very instant.

What will you win?

A very soft squishy delicious yarn cake! (not real cake. don't eat it) in colorway Doctor Donna!   This is my Gamma (bulky) Base which is 100% Merino SW 106yds/100grs. One of these cakes is enough yarn to knit one Mermaid's Tale hat or other beanie.

doctor donna on gamma


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