All these sugar coated goddesses are rotting my razor sharp teeth

They are love and light. The perfect mothers, wives, lovers, and money earners. Sweet pieces of perfection for women to strive toward and men to give a nice pat on the ass. Be just like Aphrodite, not the real Aphrodite, but the one the patriarchal society has deemed best. Which is to say you could be the “perfect” woman, if you would stop being you.

Aphrodite and I don’t have a working relationship, but today she showed up twice as people using her to promote their shit. Aphrodite training and university. When I read the sales pages for these things, I threw up in my mouth a little. They embody so much of what I see going wrong in the business of spirituality and women’s empowerment.

I’m not sure why both of these things popped up in my social media today, but it feels like a message, like a cry for help. I’ve been thinking of chucking all this in and only focusing on my hand dyed yarn. I’ve been at this intuitive thing for a long time without getting where I want to be. I’m tired and worn out. Tired of talking to myself. Tired of not helping as many people as I’d like. Tired of sleezy salesman winning.

Then I see these businesses using Aphrodite like high end sex traffickers. They are pimping her out, twisting her sacred femininity. They’ve dressed it to look like women’s empowerment, but that’s just sugar coating.

It’s like Aphrodite is calling me out. I’m reminded of why I’m doing this work. She wants to know if I will make a sacrifice at the alter of the much more darker goddesses I work with to save her. Will I stand up and raise my voice or turn my back and walk away.

I was ready to walk away. I mean no one was listening to me anyway. What was the point? I still could ignore the call and walk away, miss this chance to change things for myself and others.

When you’ve been raised a fighter, it’s impossible to walk away. The goddesses have picked the perfect way to lure me in. This is like of those moments when I’ve risked getting physically assaulted to stand up for someone else. I can’t walk away. Goddess like The Morrigan, Kali, Sekhmet and Macha are calling us into action. My heart beats to the pounding of war drums.

It sounds harsh and scary. We are only supposed to be focused on Love and Light, right? Wrong. That is how things meant to heal us and help us grow get twisted and fuck us up.

Aphrodite isn’t a battle goddess, but her love can be twisted into jealously and vengeance. These women empowerment sellers are doing that, they are twisting her by shoving her into the narrowness of our societies patriarchal view of what women are allowed to be, what we have to be to be considered successful women. They makes us jealous of each other, jealous of some idea of perfection that no one is actually reaching.

Goddess are being stripped down, the dark parts cut out, so they can fit into safe little boxes of rainbows and glitter. Their power water down and mixed with poisoned kool-aid.

It doesn’t matter which goddess you work with, how motherly she is, how flow-y her gown, she has a flip side, a dark side, a side that is willing and ready to teach you the hard lessons you’ve been avoiding in favor of fluffy affirmations.

Some of those lessons will come from the hands of much more aggressive goddesses in the form of cosmic 2x4s to the head. We’re moving past the point of simple bitch slaps.

Each vomit inducing sales page that is created pushes me farther from the woman they want me to be, but I know they pull some women in with false hope. So I’ll still be here, ready to help you up after they drop you (tell you what a failure you are when their shit fails you) and help you learn to dance to the beat of your own war drum.