Buy all my shit and I'll share the secret of The Right Way with you! J/K, that shit's free.

  You know the homes that pop up fast because they are all the same. You get to choose from 1,2 or 3 and hope you don’t end up drunk in the wrong house. Those neighborhoods always freak me out.

Have you ever noticed that how many life coaches/biz coaches/spiritual lalas/society keep telling you there is one right way of being/doing/having? It's the track housing method to building a life.

They are a little right, there is one right way, but it doesn't look like track housing.

I know the secret Right Way. I’ll tell you for free.

The one true Right Way of having that awesome life/business/ what the fuck ever you keep dreaming about is whatever way that makes you happy. It isn’t some step by step, one size fits all, formula. That is just a bull shit sales tactic.

You know what’s best for you. What has worked well for one person may not do shit for another. It’s a lot harder to sell quick fixes when you admit there aren’t any.

I can help you get clear, have the balls to do what you want to be doing and have your back every step of the way, but I can’t give you a blueprint of a prefab life.

We aren’t track housing.

You can’t follow someone else’s plan/path/map and get where you want to go. It will only take you where they want to go and you’ll probably be miserable when you get there.

Think about what you really want. How do you want to feel in your life?

We can get so focused on the Perfect Life/Biz things we are told we want that we miss out on the shit that would really make us happy.

You were born with an Inner Compass that always points to your true north, your Right Way.

We’ve been conditioned to ignore it, but it is still there, pointing the way. We can learn to listen to it again. It just takes practice.

Are you doing a thing because it lights you up or because you’ve been told to?