What you want in life might not be cool or trendy and that is totally badass.


Deep rooted Priestess, connected to the core.

Immersed, Wanton, Magick.

Black feathered, sharp toothed, and feral.

Creature of hidden treasures.


There is a trend with 'Gurus' of various industries that love to tell us to go big or go home, to do epic shit, to make 6-7 figures from anywhere and a bunch of other bullshit.

There is no place for deep rooted living, time that moves at a more sensual pace or creating a life that really is about you and what you want instead of what some wanker trying to sell you something says you want.

Oh and if you really want something different, well you clearly don't know what the fuck you want. Fuck that shit.

I recently had someone tell me I didn't know what I wanted from life because I wasn't conforming to his life.  Please know that when someone tells you this, it isn't true. You always know what is best for you (even if you don't always believe you do). People who say these things are trying to get something from you, not help you. Even if they believe they are being helpful.

I want to be able to sleep in with my husband every fucking day.

That might seem like a bullshit goal to some, but it's important to me. Reaching that goal means I earn enough money that my husband doesn't have to go to a crap job anymore. Which means I'll have to earn quite a bit, but the emotion behind that goal will make so much easier to reach.

I could say I want to earn 6 figures. But without the emotional connection, a deep reason, it is a meaningless goal. Meaningless goals are usually never achieved & if you do happen to get there it's only to find out it sucks and not at all what you wanted.

I want to help women create the lives they want, ones with deep meaning, even if it doesn't fit into the little boxes that society wants us to fit in. Those little boxes are so lame.

How would your life look if you were The Priestess of your life? How would it feel?