Introducing Aether and Got the Morbs

20160225_135238 Aether is a blending of blue and purple.  The colors were poured on and allowed to bleed together in whatever way they wanted.  Aether is something you hear about a lot in steampunk.

"Aether is the Fifth Element. It's the propagation of light and matter into another dimension. It's the thread that binds everything-humanity, the world, and the cosmos-together. It is energy ." (The Girl in the Steel Corset)

That is my favorite explanation of aether. It's beautiful, isn't it?



Got the Morbs is a saying from the 1880's that means experiencing a temporary melancholy. This yarn was dyed with aqua, aubergine, and gray. I'm sure it will cure any knitter or crocheter's melancholy.

Both of these yarns are Dyed to Order only.  You can find them in the shop.