The 'Spiritual' industry is like a seedy strip club

Say no to the Positivity Police.png

Dirty, plastic and the only one getting off is the one collecting the cash.

The Fluffy Bunny of love and light has turned into the murdering white rabbit from Monty Python’s Camelot and everyone is still trying to snuggle it. Having a positive outlook has been turned into a tool for abuse by greedy condescending arrogant peacocks.

I’m not against being positive or making money or peacocks, but things have gone too far. Practices meant to support healing and growth are being used to harm.

The Positivity Police are normally disguised as well meaning people who want to help you. They're not really helping you when they make you feel like shit. 

It is really important that we take a deep look at the language being used in the Spiritual Industry and how it makes us feel.

They’ll say you are broken and they're the only ones who can fix you, if you buy their shiny program.

You are not broken.

No matter what awful shit has or hasn’t happened to you. You are the only one that can heal you. Having things that need healed/changed/cleared does not equal broken. It makes you human. You don't need to do it all by yourself, support is always good, but the work of doing it is yours.

They’ll say negative feelings are wrong.

Your life isn’t shitty, because you failed at being positive 100% of the time. Things go wrong sometimes. We go wrong. Other people go wrong. Hiding, ignoring and burying feelings about it is unhealthy.

They’ll say you attracted every bad thing that has ever happened to you.

This is thinly disguised victim blaming/shaming. You are not responsible for the things other people do. You did not manifest someone else’s fucked up behavior. You are responsible for your actions/reactions. That’s it. Anyone who tells you different is full of shit.

I’m a paranoid worrier with a twisted morbid mind. If the Universe was bent on sending us bad things in response to all our negative thoughts and feelings, all of my loved ones, including myself, would be trapped in some real life version of a Eli Roth horror movie at least once a week.

There is nothing wrong with people making money from their spiritual work. Money is a necessary tool for living well in this world. I think everyone should have the opportunity to use their gifts, skills and knowledge to earn whatever amount of money they need to live whatever life they want. The problem is not the money, but the get rich quick fuckery being passed off as actually useful shit.

You can not simply affirmation your way to a million dollar lifestyle.

That doesn't mean you can’t have a million dollar lifestyle or that affirmations are pointless. There is a lot more work, actual actions, that go into it. Maybe you don’t even want a million dollar lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with that, no matter what those Shiny Gurus trying to sell you their 7 figure miracle secret plan say.

Too many 'spiritual' leaders are vomiting harmful rhetoric that is being devoured and regurgitated by wanna be leaders. There are good and helpful coaches, products and programs out there at several price levels. When you are looking for help read their offerings carefully, ask questions, and check in with how it makes you feel.

Stop buying into to Spiritual Hooha that makes you feel bad or powerless, that promises take you from broke to millions in minutes, and love yourselves a little more.