While everyone else was at Rhinebeck, I dyed this yarn.

Linger hand dyed yarn It's so damned sexy, isn't it?   This is colorway Linger .  I've got one skein of sock yarn listed in the Etsy Shop.  Every time I look at it, I like my lips and remember the taste of wine and deep kisses.   I'm going to dye more of this colorway as soon as I can.

My instagram is full of  pics from Rhinebeck. I'm a bit jealous. I've never been to any sort of fiber festival thing.  Hopefully I'll get to go to one at some point.

What was I doing while all the cool kids were at Rhinebeck? Dyeing and shipping yarn.  About 17 of my Kickstarter backers have gotten their yarn and I've got about 20 to ship out.  I need to dye about 14 more skeins of yarn before I hall all the Kickstarter yarn done. They I'll really be able to focus on yarns for the shop.

I really want to be dyeing some nice black, dark, haunting yarns.  I've also been thinking about what kind of sample items I can whip up so you can see what the yarns looks like when worked up.

Are there things you'd like to see me knit or crochet?