My gauge is out to get me & I read The Friday Night Knitting Club

IMG_20151009_144614-01 This damned hat  has been kicking my ass. It isn't  a hard pattern or a crap yarn to work with. It's a beanie that I've knit like a billionty times. But for some reason my fucking gauge has been way off. I've ripped it out 3 times. I've  downsized needles. Cast on fewer stitches.  And still the thing is huge.  Not in the cool totally in style slouchy sort of huge either. I don't know why I'm suddenly having this problem, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep knitting the damned thing until it fits. Then I'm going to wear it.  It was supposed to go in the shop, but it's too late for that now. This hat is going down.  I'll make another one to be the shop sample.

This hat is a simple  top down beanie.  When I get it done and fitting properly I'll post my Top Down Hat recipe.

Friday Night Knitting Club

There was talk of knitting  novels in a FB group and I started to feel a little left out. I mean, I devour books,  but I tend to stick to certain genres.  Many of the people in the group were talking about this book.  I've read a few  mysteries that had knitters in them , so when I saw  The Friday Night Knitting Club at the library I grabbed it. I read the entire thing last night. Not because I was really enjoying it, but  because the aspiring novelist in me took over and was trying to see what people liked about the book. It isn't awful. It just isn't my bag.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to write any sort  of review for it. If you want to read about ordinary normal people doing ordinary normal things, who also happen to  own/work/hang out in a  yarn shop, then maybe you'll like this book. If you read for  escape from such things,  maybe this book isn't for you. It also gave me a slight case of yarn biz envy.  Which maybe my real problem with the book and not the story at all. There is a pattern for a basic garter stitch scarf and a muffin recipe in the back.

It  brings of  half forgotten dreams of novels with patterns for different items the characters wore. Kind of like my Mermaid's Tale hat pattern is inspired by a short story I wrote.

Have you read any knitting novels?  If so share them in the comments.  I'm always on the hunt for something to read.