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Photo Encaustic and Abstract Art

What energies are you bringing into your spaces?


Hello there!

Art can change the way we feel, think and see the world.  

It can be magic, talismanic and healing.

What frequencies are you filling your space with?

I create art that is intentionally infused with energy and rooted in frequencies of change.

I’m a Clairsentient Artist, Writer and Shadow Worker.

WTF is that?

I’m clairvoyant (clear seeing) and clairaudient (clear hearing). I’ve been seeing & hearing Spirits my entire life. They are always there hovering in the between spaces.

I paint energy and photograph nature. I write about New Age Wank & Patriarchal Fuckery. I've been knitting and crocheting since I was a teen. Hand dyeing yarn makes me feel like a Mad Scientist.

I laugh wildly during horror movies. Seriously, don’t take me to the movies if you are easily embarrassed. I blow on my ice cream. I firmly believe that everyone is creative, everything should come in black and we can make the world a better place.

I live in the mountains with my family, pining away for the newest Doctor Who DVDs and trying to convince my husband that it’s ok to wear flip flops in the snow.


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